Avonchase Joint Ventures

We want to help you create a high-value development.

If you are thinking of selling your property within the next year or two, why not contact us to see if we are able to achieve a substantially higher price for you. We will very quickly be able to determine a future land value for your property, based on the development potential of your site.

We are able to add this additional value to your property by applying for and obtaining development rights.  The application would involve a detailed submission to the relevant approval authority, including design and proposed subdivision layouts.  Should the applications be approved, the overall value of your property will be enhanced significantly.

As a Joint Venture partner of ours, all you would be required to do is allow us to submit these applications on your behalf. We carry all the costs, and risks,  of these applications. Because of this, we will only proceed where we feel there is a very good chance of a successful application. While the process is unfolding, you will simply continue to enjoy your property as you currently do. A successful application would take anything from 15 to 24 months before approval is granted, depending on the specifics of each particular site.

If the idea of obtaining greater value for your property is of interest to you, why not contact us to discuss the type of arrangement we would propose for unlocking this extra value. You have nothing to lose in this regard, but perhaps a lot to gain.

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